What may feel like a surprising change to our customers, is in truth, a long awaited evolution for our company. Our founding name came from a plan that ultimately changed as we fell in love with growing our business in our hometown. This new name is a story we love to tell. It’s simple, concise and feels 100% us. Two years into business, we know so much more about who we are, and most importantly where we’re headed. And while change can be scary and risky and everything else, we have been eager to wear our values on our sleeve through this new change.

So the obvious question: Why Break? Break comes from our founding vision we spoke to life over 3.5 years ago around a table with our small team, “to provide people with an exceptional break in their day”. This idea has grounded so many of our decisions since then, and overtime it became clear that this would eventually be a name for us.

This is more than just a surface level change. It comes at a time where we are preparing to grow, and we knew we wanted to do so with a name that felt 100% true to us. We are so excited for the future, we are proud of our past, and look forward to be known as Break Coffee Roasters. Until then, we’ll work to find more ways to embody our name, and provide people with an exceptional break in their day.

Emily Collins


I also got introduced to the Worka Sakaro Anaerobic, and I was in a random search for coffee from the Yirgacheffe region (so a pleasant surprise when the worker and I both figured out the beans were from that region). It definitely became a favorite cup. Appreciate the space to slow down and find stillness in the temptation to hurry always, especially now.

— Lydia

Hello! I dropped by your Downtown Duluth location and fell in love with the coffee shop :) I saw an amazing hoodie at the location. I was wondering if y’all are planning on making more :) I would love to buy one!

— Heesoo

Your last bag of Ethiopian Worka Sakaro Anaerobic was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had… You must bring it back. If I can drink that each day… I would be the happiest man. Thanks for always working to make the best roast possible… it truly is a break in my day that I look forward to everyday.

— Bobby