About the Aeropress: Brews one to three delicious cups with one press. AeroPress Original can also make cold brew coffee as well as espresso-style coffee for lattes, cappuccinos, and more. (description source: Aeropress)

Coffee: 12 grams of medium-finely ground coffee 

Water: 200g of water off boiling water 

  1. Place AeroPress filter into cap and screw onto AeroPress.
  2. Place brewer on carafe
  3. Carefully pour 12g of medium fine coffee into brewer.
  4. Start timer and add 200g of off boiling water making sure you get all the coffee grounds wet.
  5. Insert plunger to create a vacuum in the brewer.
  6. At 2:00, remove plunger and using a chopstick gently stir coffee.
  7. Insert plunger and move AeroPress and carafe off the scale and slowly press plunger down until it makes contact with the coffee bed. It should take roughly 15 seconds to press the plunger.  
Emily Collins