24g of Medium-fine ground coffee
Water: 400g of 200f Water 

  1. Prep: Ground coffee and place filter in brewer and rinse with hot water. Pour out rinse water. Pour ground coffee into brewer and shake to level. 
  2. First Pour (Bloom): Start timer and pour 50g of water onto coffee trying to evenly wet all the coffee and then swirl the coffee slurry.  
  3. Second Pour: At 45 seconds Start Second Pour. Starting at the center of the slurry, slowly spiral towards the walls of the brewer then back to the center until your total weight is 280g.  
  4. Third Pour: After 15 seconds pour again until total weight is 400g. Gently swirl slurry and let drain. 
  5. Total brew time should be roughly 3:00. 
Emily Collins