Coffee inspired by craftsmanship

"We like taking our time"

In a team meeting, we jotted down this quote from Brandon as we were discussing our beliefs around coffee. This idea nicely sums up our concept of the "break" - life, flavors, people are all richer when you can slow down and notice it.

Wholesale Partnerships

Being a small operation allows personal, and committed to our partners. With professional training, we are proud of the quality and attention we can offer to all our partner cafes and customers no matter how big or small.

Sourcing & Roasting

We import and roast new coffee from all over the world on a monthly basis. With each new batch of coffee, our head roaster cups and distinguishes flavor notes derived from the unique origin and process of each coffee we roast.



For us, caring means seeking to do things the right way, and staying curious no matter how much information we gather. We never want to discontinue our education within the craft of coffee.


We strive to see each person as an individual. We believe understanding is core to customer service, partnerships, and teamwork. There is no one-size-fits-all policy to care.


Coffee, at its worst, can be an intimidating craft where information can be withheld from the curious. We want to be generous with the information we've collected, because our partners' success is our success. To put it simply, there are no dumb questions.